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Meet Andrew Munsell: App mogul, Palm webOS fan, teenager

Rédigé par Palm, Inc. le Mardi 23 Février 2010 | Lu 401 fois

Andrew Munsell, the 15-year-old founder of WizardApps, has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, including coverage from a local TV news station in his home town of Seattle. Why? Because this whiz kid is earning money for college by developing apps for his favorite mobile platform: Palm webOS.


Andrew Munsell “I was immediately hooked. After seeing the Pre's multitasking capabilities and learning that webOS apps were going to be written in HTML and Javascript, I was ecstatic … web development is my thing … Now, I'm completely addicted to the Pre.”


Andrew currently has seven webOS apps available in the Palm App Catalog, including Weatherman, Stickyman and QuickClip. When asked if he’s working on any other webOS apps, Andrew says “I've got a few cool ones brewing up my sleeve right now… It's a great operating system.”


Andrew’s Palm webOS apps are netting him a few thousand dollars every month toward college. Sure beats the paper route I had as a teen. Good thing too, because with his sights set on medical school, every penny (or grand) helps.


Institutions of higher education take note: App development may be the financial aid of the future.


Paul Araquistain, Palm PR

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