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Is the HTC Lancaster for AT&T Canceled ?

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Jeudi 20 Août 2009 | Lu 123 fois


Sigh. Engadget Mobile is saying that they've heard some "pretty believable" information indicating that the HTC Lancaster, originally expected to be AT&T's first Android Phone, has been canceled. As in it'll no longer be released. Shelved. Dead. Bye Bye.

Obviously this is bad news for any AT&T customer looking forward to Android devices but simply put, the HTC Lancaster wasn't going to be a game changer, hardware-wise at least. QVGA screen? Psssh. Yeah, it would have been nice to see how Android would take off on a bigger carrier but good things come to those who wait (so we've heard, at least).

So AT&T, the ball in your court. If you really did drop the HTC Lancaster from your product portfolio, we better see a better Android device lined up to take its place. Maybe something from Motorola? Or maybe the "pretty believable" information turns out false and the Lancaster will launch on AT&T as originally planned. Yikes, counting on AT&T to deliver typically never pans out.

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