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How To Future Proof Your Android Apps for Android 1.5

We're all excited about Android 1.5 here at Android Central but Google has just notified us that not all current apps may work in Android 1.5. Luckily, they've provided a few reasons on why certain apps may break and how to "future-proof" your applications. For a full read up you can head to the official Android Developers Blog but the rules to live by are as follows:

  1. Don't use internal API's
  2. Don't directly manipulate settings
  3. Don't go overboard with layouts
  4. Don't assume all hardware (i.e. physical keyboard) will be available
  5. Make sure you allow "graceful" re-orientations of the screen

Got it guys? Good! If you avoid these 5 problems your app should be fine! If you don't, be sure to read up on the Android Dev Blog to see what to do.


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Rédigé par Casey Chan le Vendredi 24 Avril 2009

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