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Google Expects 18-20 New Android Phones To Hit the Market By 2009


We're quickly learning that Google isn't playing around when it comes to Android--they fully expect Android to become the future pseudo-standard for all smartphones. And in order to become that relevant, Android is going to need more devices. At Google I/O, we have news that Google is expecting 18-20 NEW Android Phones to hit the market by the end of 2009. Yeah. Eighteen to Twenty Android Phones in 2009. Say it with us: oh. em. gee.

Sadly, Google expects more Android devices to hit in foreign (read: non US) countries first with US releases to lag behind the world. Why? Because US carriers seem to be a bit pickier when it comes to final firmware, customization, and the like. There wasn't any specific manufacturers named but man, 18 to 20 after months with only 1 Android Device? Simply A-Mazing.

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be what we expected it to be!

[via gizmodo]

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Jeudi 28 Mai 2009

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