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Gigantic Eclair Dropped Off at Google Campus

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Jeudi 15 Octobre 2009

You have to love Google. Not only do they name their Android builds after desserts, they actually bring in gigantic-sized models of said desserts and place them on their campus. If you remember, Android 2.0 is going to be called 'Eclair' and since it's now been placed on the Google Campus, we can likely expect it sooner than we thought.

The first device to run Android 2.0 'Eclair' is expected to be the Verizon Motorola Droid (aka Tao aka Sholes) and with the Droid leaking images left and right and the giant Eclair being set on the Google Campus, maybe we're in for a great (and productive) end of the year! And if it does come that soon, can and will devices jump to 'Eclair' from 'Cupcake' and bypass 'Donut' entirely?

Hit the jump to see a picture of the giant Android Robot, Cupcake, & Donut!

[via techcrunch]


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