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GSM Palm Pre for O2 Germany Pops Up

Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Dimanche 16 Août 2009

EsOrOp writes in to point us to this German forum where you can see a few glamor shots of the GSM Palm Pre that's destined for O2 in Germany, posted up by an O2 Employee.  Looks like carrier branding won't be visible on the device (which should please unlockers). The only other difference we can see is that this Pre rocks a German-style QWERTZ keyboard and the symbol on the "h" key is a Euro symbol instead of a dollar sign. 

Beyond those keyboard differences, hopefully what we're looking at is essentially the same hardware that's in the process of getting the necessary approval for North American release.  Maybe that "Late October" release date rumor is less crazy than we originally thought?

Thanks EsOrOp!

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