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Documents to Go Coming to Palm Pre

DocsToGo creator DataViz has revealed what we already expected: full DocumentsToGo is coming to webOS. Before it launches, though DataViz is looking to hear from us, the Palm Pre community.

Our first hints at a DocumentsToGo for the WebOS came way back at the original CES when DataViz was listed as a launch partner.  Since then, we've seen the icon pop up in demo videos (with a noncommital response from DataViz), DataViz appeared on a document listing companies with WebOS apps at or near launch, and on June 8th they confirmed to the world that DocView on the Pre is powered by DataViz. Felipe also reminds un in the comments that the software has had some attention in our forums. Then things went silent.

That seems to have changed, as DataViz has recently began talking about the Pre and WebOS.  On their Facebook page, they've asked:

Any Palm Pre users out there? Would love to hear your thoughts/experiences so far!

Further, they've launched their official "Documents To Go® for palm webOS" page.  They've setup a handy email signup option for email updates on product availability.  They haven't set any specific release date or price, but chances are it'll be a paid upgrade.  Given the quality of their recent iPhone and Android ports of DocumentsToGo, the possibilities of synergy integration and the existing quality shown in DocView, color us excited.

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Rédigé par Jason Robitaille le Vendredi 3 Juillet 2009

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