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BlackBerry Tour Video: Good Trackball vs. Bad Trackball

Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Jeudi 17 Septembre 2009

Following up on last night's BlackBerry Tour Trackball issues post/poll, there's been a ton of interest and feedback on the topic. For BlackBerry owners who frequent the CrackBerry BlackBerry Tour forums, none of this is really news, as those who have been dealing with the issue first hand know the issues and fixes. If you're not familiar with the situation, the biggest takeway currently is that devices with a "green dot" placed under the battery signify units that have been manufactured more recently that should be free of the trackball glitch. Likewise, units with more recent manufacturing build dates (mid/late August and newer) should be rock solid.

CrackBerry member kingzee did up the video above back on August 23rd which sums up the whole situation. If you're a Tour owner with a glitchy trackball, you'll want to sit back and watch. Good vid kingzee!'s feed sponsored by BlackBerry Tour Video: Good Trackball vs. Bad Trackball

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