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BlackBerry Tour Photo Gallery

Full Image Gallery of BlackBerry Tour - Lots of BlackBerry Comparisons!

BlackBerry Tour Photo Gallery

Our device reviews have a habit of becoming monsters, so with the BlackBerry Tour we're going to release a lot of our review content in chunks (and then tie it all together at the end). With our pre-release BlackBerry Tour review now behind us and as we start spending real time with the commercially available device, it's fun to become a BlackBerry addict all over again.

Whether you've already purchased your BlackBerry Tour or are still considering one, our comprehensive photo gallery below will give you a good sense for how the BlackBerry Tour looks and stacks up to its BlackBerry siblings, both those on the market and some of those yet to come. Be sure to click on the photos to zoom in. Enjoy the show!!

1. Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Photos

The BlackBerry Tour can take care of business, but is made for fun too. The battery door is deceptive. It's not skinny - its the full device width and looks good.

Like the 8900 the left side is clean with just a convenience key. Note the lanyard hole and new multi-hole sound escape ports. Taking a tour around the BlackBerry Tour.

The BlackBerry Tour's keyboard is much improved over the 8830 World Edition it is replacing. Hidden buttons. Dedicated lock button and mute key are welcome features.

The Tour's 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus takes awesome photos. The battery door. Check that yours fits tight before leaving the store.

Another new battery door/hinge design from RIM. Same battery as the Storm and Curve 8900. No need to remove the battery to access the memory card.

The Tour's 480 by 360 display is vibrant. The Verizon BlackBerry Tour - how could you not want one of these?!


2. Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630 Photos

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3. Bell BlackBerry Tour 9630 Images

Bell Tour (same as Sprint) vs. Verizon Tour - Which do you prefer the look of? A great all around device - bigger than Curve 8330, smaller than 8830 and features great hardware components.

Silver chrome side rails stand out. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Bell. It's a no brainer.


4. Telus BlackBerry Tour 9630 Images

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5. BlackBerry Tour Hardware Comparisons

Curve 8300, Tour, BlackBerry 8830. The BlackBerry Tour really is better in every respect. Verizon Tour vs. Verizon Curve 8330. The Tour is a bit bigger, but sooo much better.

Storm 9530, Tour 9630, Storm 2 (9550). If you're on Verizon and like a physical keyboard rather than touchscreen, the choice is easy. The view from behind - Storm 9530, Tour 9630, Storm 2 (9550).

BlackBerry Bold on the left, Curve 8900 on the right. The Tour is a mix of both these GSM devices with CDMA world phone stylings . RIM can't pick one look for the backside of its smartphones, but it gives each device some uniqueness.

Curve 8900 on the top, Tour on the bottom. They share the same layout on the sides of the device. Tour on the bottom, Bold on top. The Bold's left side is busy compared to the Tour's clean lines

BlackBerry onyx 9020 on the left, Tour 9630 on the right. The new kings of the non-touchscreen smartphone game. Onyx on the bottom, Tour 9630 on top. The onyx is smaller but packs a lot of punch.


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