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Best Buy Getting Verizon Droid As Early as October 24th ?

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Vendredi 23 Octobre 2009


According to some leaked slides, it looks like Best Buy will receive the Verizon Droid on October 24th. As in this coming weekend. As in 4 days earlier than the planned Verizon Droid event. The price listed on the slides is $599.99 which is obviously off-contract pricing. Having the phone shipped to Best Buy on October 24th doesn't necessarily mean that it'll immediately be available to customers, in fact, it's downright silly to expect a phone as anticipated as the Droid to be made available before an official announcement.

And with Verizon taking the Droid so seriously, we wouldn't expect to be able to mosey down to our nearest Best Buy and snatch one off the shelves. As for enterprising Best Buy workers? Only time will tell. More pictures available at the link.


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