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Bell Wants Us To Meet Their Pre

Bell is certainly taking their upcoming Palm Pre launch seriously.  The above video is the first episode of what seems to be a new Bell online Palm Pre campaign.  Very well done, in my opinion, this video uses everyday people on the street and gets their opinion on the Palm Pre.

This kind of product advertising is always effective in my eyes.  Unlike the Palm commercials, which seem disconnected from reality, this video seems grounded in the reality of everyday life, showing the Pre can do things the average person desires, but might not think of offhand, like photo uploading to facebook.

Also in Bell news is this this new Bell TV spot:

The video, as Engadget points out, is strikingly similar to the iPhone ads.  But maybe that's not a bad thing.  Love or hate the iPhone, their tv ads are successful. They directly show off key features of the device. This is the kind of advertising the Palm Pre needs in order to get its foot in the door for the average consumer who isn't a smartphone buff.

Also very interesting in the TV spot is how Google Maps is operating.  It rotates! This has led some to believe the Bell Palm Pre will include WebOS 1.2, while others just think it's an overzealous ad man. With the Palm Pre coming to Bell  on August 27th, we certainly won't have long to wait to find out.

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