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BBScanner: Listen to Police & Fire Scanners On The Go

Rédigé par Bla1ze le Jeudi 9 Juillet 2009

BBScanner: Listen to Police & Fire Scanners on your BlackBerry

Anyone ever have an uncle or grandfather that used to sit around listening to police and ambulance scanners back in the day? I know I did. My grandfather used to love that scanner. Now a days the scanner listening folks have moved onward and upward to the mobile world and now you can tune into them all on your BlackBerry using a cool new application called BBScanner.

BBScanner supports scanner stations in Australia, Canada, Germany and of course the United States. Being up front, the app's user interface leaves a lot of room for improvement but it works as described for anyone who might be interested in such listening. It's free (for now?) and is currently supported on all devices running OS version 4.3 and greater (but the Storm may need compatability mode set). Be sure to adjust your APN as well using the guide provided as it uses your carriers data.'s feed sponsored by BBScanner: Listen to Police & Fire Scanners On The Go

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