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Angelina Jolie Mini-Reviews the Pre

Being a Palm Pre blogger is tough, yo.  One minute a tipster has you headed to your local shop to check out the latest Playboy for an article about the Pre, the next you're hunting down pictures of Angelina Jolie.  These are but some of the services we provide.

Anyway... we've said before that celebrities seems to get better access than the rest of us (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C), but letting celebrities not only get the sucker but also review it raises our dander a bit.

Well, "review" is probably a strong term.  What happened is that a production assistant on the set of upcoming flick Salt spotted Jolie with the Pre and asked her about it.  Jolie told the assistant, who told the LA Gossip Examiner, who tells us:

"I asked her how she likes the phone," a production assistant on the set of Salt told me. "She went on about it for about two minutes. She basically said she likes the software better than the iPhone, she likes the thumboard for texting (although the keys aren't big enough), and thinks the screen is beautiful but can be too easily scratched."

The screen's durability is something we've worried about a bit in the past, but a Palm Pre screen protector should take care of that issue pretty well.  As for Jolie liking the software better than what's on the iPhone, well, we're not about to disagree with her.  Seriously, we watch movies, we know she's some kind of mystical crack shot.  Also, she beat up Brad Pitt

Big big ups to nsxla in our Palm Pre forums for catching the story! (and yes, that's a photoshop, we did it badly to help make it obvious)

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Lundi 20 Avril 2009

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