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AT&T's Tilt 2 now rumored for Oct. 18 (updated)

Rédigé par Phil Nickinson le Vendredi 18 Septembre 2009

AT&T Touch Pro 2, aka Tilt 2

AT&T has been eerily silent the past few months in regards to the Touch Pro 2 (aka Tilt 2) while Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile all got theirs out into the wild. But whoever's feeding the BGR this morning now says that the follow-up to the Fuze will be ready to go on Oct. 6. And everybody's putting two and two together and expecting Windows Mobile 6.5 to be on the phone at release.

See? We're calling Oct. 6 the Super Duper Windows Mobile 6.5 launch day for a reason.

Update: BGR updates its story and says things are a little behind and we should now look for an Oct. 18 launch. Hey, we've waited this long ... :-/

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