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Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

Hands on Initial Review of the Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530!

While on a recent trip I had a chance to spend some solid hands-on time with the Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530. I must admit to being a little surprised when I first received the Verizon BlackBerry Curve 2. Firstly the name. The box actually labeled the device as the "Curve 2" and not the Curve 8530 (and that seemed to be the name others kept referring to the device as). I'm pretty sure Curve 2 is not what the device will launch as though, but am guessing internally that has been the Verizon lingo for it in months past and some of that habit carried through as they get ready to launch. Secondly, the fact that the Curve 8530 now has Wi-Fi - which the first pre-production "aries" units did not (see first photos). We had heard all future Verizon BlackBerry devices wre mandated to have WiFi, so I guess that's holding true. And third, the fact that it isn't six months or more behind the GSM carriers, which historically has been the case. Just a few weeks ago we posted photos showing the Curve 8530 SKU already in Verizon's Inventory system. It's nice to see the CDMA folks are going to get the new Curve love in short order. It's not quite my usual pre-release green table review, but keep reading for a better look at the new Curve from Verizon!

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Samedi 24 Octobre 2009

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