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T-Mobile Expects myTouch 3G to Outsell T-Mobile G1 (duh)

Rédigé par Casey Chan le Lundi 13 Juillet 2009 | Lu 115 fois


This shouldn't come as a surprise for anyone but T-Mobile expects the myTouch 3G to outsell the T-Mobile G1. Talk about going on a limb *sarcasm*. T-Mobile CTO, Cole Brodman, expects the myTouch to be successful because of broader appeal, saying that "a vast majority of customers will be new to Android and new to smartphones".

We're definitely going to agree with T-Mobile here, the myTouch is the same Android goodness in a sexier package, a solid recipe for success. However, with so many heavyweight Android phones on the horizon, it's still kind of saying something with T-Mobile being so confident. An easier way to guarantee success for the myTouch? Price it at $99.


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