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Pixie/EOS Launch for the Holidays? YAAG (Yet Another Analyst Guess)

Rédigé par CTL Advance le Vendredi 28 Août 2009

Analyst alert: We have another rumor of an end of year launch for the Palm Eos. A recent article in Barrons Tech Trader Daily cites Macquarie Research analyst Phil Cusick, who suggests that Palm will be shipping the new device in time for shoppers this holiday season. Cusick says that the Pixie/EOS will be aimed at competing with the $99 iPhone.

Now that the Eos has just been rumored for Verizon and we're already expecting it for Sprint and AT&T, it looks like T-Mobile is the only major US carrier without some rumored webOS loving on the horizon.

We here at PreCentral have previously received anonymous word that the Eos would start landing at Palm HQ in October, so a 2009 launch is starting to feel more likely - whatever the carrier.

If Palm can manage to get the Eos out the door in large numbers, at a small price, and on multiple carriers, do you think it could be a bigger hit than the Pre?

(Ed. Note from Dieter: while you're commenting on the above, give a big welcome to our newest blogger, CTL Advance!)

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