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WES2009: Viigo Announces Pageonce Partnership

Viigo Pageonce

We first heard about Pageonce from Bla1ze way back in October of last year and got a great up-close look at it during CES 2009. Today our good friends at Viigo have announced a partnership with Pageonce with the introduction of their first premium service. Pageonce is a personal assitant of sorts that allows users to monitor bank accounts, credit card balances, track cell minutes, manage your Netflix queue an much, much more.  Account information is automatically updated each day, so users don't need to manually refresh items. The addition of this service just adds to Viigo's already great lineup.  To try out Pageonce for youself, head over to the Stocks & Finance service and check it out free for 14 days. See press release >'s feed sponsored by WES2009: Viigo Announces Pageonce Partnership

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Rédigé par Adam Zeis le Lundi 4 Mai 2009

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