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Sprint Touch Pro 2 Specs Surface

While the earlier report that the Sprint Touch Pro 2 would hit the shelves in mid-June was blown out of the water (we did say "may" drop in mid-June), specifications for the phone has surfaced over at Sprint's developer site. Not that the speculation Sprint was getting the Touch Pro 2 needed more credence the specifications gives it more of an "official" feel that the HTC Windows Mobile phone is headed to Sprint. We just don't know when.

Not much stands out with these specifications that we didn't already know. The Sprint TP2 will apparently launch with Windows Mobile 6.1. Then again, if this drags on much longer Windows Mobile 6.5 might come into play. Thanks goes to Tim Owen for sending us this tip via our contact form

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Rédigé par George Ponder le Mercredi 5 Août 2009

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