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Pre App Watch: Good and Hulu?

We received two more tips about possible apps for the Palm Pre/webOS.

Sam sent an email to Hulu (, an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips, to ask if they would make an app for the Pre (now with ABC Shows!).  This is what they told him:

Thanks for the praise and we're glad you enjoy our service! We are well aware of the Pre, along with the many other devices that will allow mobile video streaming, and we are analyzing the mobile market to figure out if we can offer our service with the high quality standard that Hulu strives for. Keep an eye out for more developments...

For fans of Good Mobile Messaging (, Jason sent in this response he got from Rona Orenstein when asking if Goodlink would be coming to the Pre:

We want to support the webOS from Palm and are talking with Palm about getting the SDK for evaluation.


I did bring this up to our Product Management team and they will be meeting with the Palm folks to discuss the steps to get this device supported for Good Mobile Messaging. We hope to have an update by next week on the plans.

You can follow the thread here. Momentum is building for support of the Palm Pre/webOS. Please keep sending us your tips!


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Rédigé par Annie Latham le Samedi 2 Mai 2009

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