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PalmCast Episode 69

Our first ever PalmCast Live! Minus a few technical difficulties (sound quality and, erm, recording it, it went great. Big thanks to everybody who came to watch us live and chat with us. We were also joined by Lisa (who you may know as Adora in our forums) to talk about PreDevCamp. We gave away a Touchstone Charging Dock too - congrats to our lucky winner, Reuben! Tune in next Monday, 8pm Eastern for the next show and your next chance to win.

Have a question for the PalmCast? Email us: . You can call call in to 877-624-9162 x222 to leave us a voicemail too.

Thanks to everybody for writing and calling in!

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Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Mercredi 5 Août 2009

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