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Palm Pre Homebrew: 31 Apps. Official App Catalog: 30

With the addition of elchileno's Tetris clone for the Palm Pre, our Homebrew App section for the Pre now has 31 apps -- 1 more than the official App Catalog.

Sure, there's a duplicate or two and, yes, we're counting the SimplyFlipFlops app even though it doesn't technically do anything but exist.  Whatever.  Homebrew on the Pre is generating some exciting stuff from the above-mentioned game to an app that aids in looking up felons in Kentucky (Hey, why not?).  Heck, if hacking and rooting is your thing, there's even a very nice Tethering App for the Pre.

In all, we're stunned and amazed at the speed with which these homebrew apps are coming.  Just shy of three weeks since the method for creating webOS application packages was worked out and we're up to 31 homebrew apps.  Bravo, developers, bravo.

Looking to learn how to install Homebrew apps? Windows Users check here and Mac users read the first link then see TheInvisibleMan's post here.

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Rédigé par Dieter Bohn le Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009

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