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Motorola CLIQ Box Art Leaked


The box art for the Motorola CLIQ has been revealed and *surprise, surprise* it heavily showcases social networks and MOTOBLUR. On the front side of the box we can see icons for Facebook, Twitter,, MySpace, Yahoo! (!!!), and Google Talk. Perhaps that list of applications pre-loaded onto the CLIQ was right after all. Everything else as far as features and what's in the box is standard fare.

Motorola is really going on its own with the CLIQ, the inclusion of a Yahoo icon clearly distances the CLIQ from the Google brand name. In fact, as the box art stands now, I can't find a Google logo at all (Google Talk logo is in Google colors not Google name).

And honestly? This is the way it should be. Android is growing up and we'll continue to see it morph into different experiences--the beauty of the CLIQ lies just as much in MOTOBLUR as it does in Android. Though we'd still argue that including a Google logo would do a lot of good for the common consumer, this is likely a thing we're going to see more in the future. Android is Android, not Google.

What do you guys think of the box art? Is Motorola right in not including 'Google' on the box?


hit the jump to see more pictures of the box art!


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Rédigé par Casey Chan le Mercredi 30 Septembre 2009

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