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Motion Apps streamlines (and free-ifies) Classic certification

ClassicSo, you’ve got that Palm OS app that you’re still proud of and while you’re working on a webOS version (which you should be), you’d still like to make sure Pre owners can use the app. Previously, you’d have to submit the app to Motion Apps, makers of the Classic Palm OS virtualization app, and then pay them for the privilege of being awarded “Classic Certification.” While the old axiom of you have to spend money to make money holds true for many an arena, Palm OS apps on Classic have been freed of that restrictio. Motion Apps did the right thing and made the submission process both easier and free. It’s a quick three step process:

  1. Create a developer account with MotionApps.
  2. Test and confirm that your application works well with Classic.
  3. Upload it for signing and then download signed file ready for distribution.

It’s a stop-gap measure while you finish that webOS version of your app (you’re doing that after you finish reading this, right?), but anything that makes life for developers easier is something that we are all for.

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Rédigé par Derek Kessler le Lundi 14 Septembre 2009

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