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Another BlackBerry 9630 Video Walk Through....

The BlackBerry "Niagara" 9630 has yet to be officially acknowledged by Research in Motion, but that hasn't stopped it from going under the microsope a few times already (CB 9630 Review Part I, CB 9630 Review Part II, BGR 9630 Review). So while the 9630's goodness is already out there for all to know, I know most of us CrackBerry addicts never get tired of looking at pre-release device footage.

That said, this latest BlackBerry 9630 video tour comes via thebigwletman, who has to be the youngest reviewer to ever get his hands on a pre-release BlackBerry. Be sure to check out these forum threads for the CrackBerry community's initial feedback (he says a few things that aren't very accurate). Take a watch... and let the blog post comments begin.'s feed sponsored by Another BlackBerry 9630 Video Walk Through....

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Rédigé par Kevin Michaluk le Samedi 11 Avril 2009

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